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Mission - Vision - Objectives

The Mission of the VLSI Labs

The mission of the LAB is to provide hands-on experience to students in the field of analog, digital and mixed-signal circuit design who are able to conduct world class research, produce competitive results and create solutions tailored to society's needs, and to disseminate the knowledge attained for public use while adhering to universal moral values.

Vision of the VLSI Labs

The vision of the LAB is to become an internationally leading education and research laboratory by generating the knowledge and technologies which lay the groundwork in shaping the future in the fields of analog, digital and mixed-signal circuit design based on the values of universal science and contemporary education.

Objectives of the VLSI Labs

  • Create individuals who have a strong engineering background and are able to pinpoint, define and solve problems through analytical thinking in their related fields,
  • Create individuals who are able to employ the necessary techniques, hardware, and communication tools for related engineering applications,
  • Conduct world class research and generate competitive results in the fields of radio frequency and mixed signal circuit design, data converters and power management system design,
  • Establish effective and productive collaborations with local and global industry through projects which involve know-how transfer and cost-effective solutions to general public needs.
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