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ITU VLSI LABs history is a collective memory shedding light upon our abilities and the extent of our experience as well as the fundamental principles governing our ethical standards and quality of work as a group. The sucesses as well as the set-backs are all part of this story. We value them and hope to learn from our mistakes as well as to sustain the sucesses that we have achieved in so many different areas.

We organized the ITU VLSI LABs history section within 3 parts:

Historically, Istanbul Technical University was/is one of the major contributors towards the integrated circuit design and fabrication efforts within Turkey. In the chronology section you will find a not so long history of IC design activities in Turkey and particularly in ITU by Prof. Dr. Duran Leblebici together with a timeline showing important milestones and photos of designed ICs.

The second section contains interviews with current and former members of our group. This section can be viewed as an oral history workshop to reveal the experience and the memories of our members.

Finally, a BLOG that is open to the contribution from every current/former member is the third section. This section is intended for collecting stories about our LABs.

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