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Remote Connection Info

Download NX Client for your operating system from If you are using Windows for your NX Client also download the extra font packs that come along. Login using your VLSI LABs username and password and the following configuration:

Port: 995
Desktop: GNOME


For the first login, you should enter the default UNIX password which can be retrieved from the admins. After the first login, you should open a terminal and change your password with "passwd" command.


In order to use the lab tools, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal and enter to your assigned compute server with "ssh <servername>"
  2. Enter to your assigned project by typing the project name
  3. Enter the name of the tool you want to use

An example to these processes is:

ssh haydari




If you wish to exit, simply close the NX window and choose either "Disconnect" or "Terminate". If you have a simulation running and wish to see the results later, choose "Disconnect" so that your process will continue to run in the lab server. If your work is finished, choose "Terminate" to free up resources.


If you abuse the VLSI LAB remote connection rules, 

you will forfeit your rights to work within the VLSI LAB.

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