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Dear Colleagues

We would like to welcome you to the cybergate of our ITU VLSI LABs. This interface was mainly created through the hard voluntary labor of our many members. It is an attempt to reach and serve you in a better and more systematic way. Although you will never see the "Under Construction" sign within our pages, we would like you to know that these pages will always be under construction to improve/update their content. Of course, to this end we always would like to hear from you about how we can improve the content and our LAB services.

The concept of ITU VLSI LABs is built upon the 3 laboratories located within the Istanbul Technical University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty, Electronics and Telecommunication Department: Very Large Scale Integration Computer Aided Design (VLSI - CAD) Laboratory, Micro Electronic Fabrication (VLSI - Manufacturing) Laboratory and Very Large Scale Integration Measurement (VLSI - Measurement) Laboratory. The main purpose of this system is to integrate full VLSI production flow within our institution, CAD Design, IC Manufacturing and Measurement/Characterization.

Of course, we know and understand that realization of this project requires dedication, persistence and hard work. We can state with confidence that our CAD Design laboratory already provides a world class VLSI design environment to our members with its computational, software and hardware infrastructure. We, as a team, are ready for the challenge to further sustain and improve the services provided by our CAD laboratory. Microelectronic Fabrication and VLSI Measurement Labs, on the other hand, are far from "World Class". Our main priorities are to fully utilize available lab space and equipment infrastructure while fund raising to improve our measurement and manufacturing equipment inventory. To this end, we are expecting the support/expertise and the help of our alumni all around the world.

As a final word I must say I feel extremely lucky to have the privilege to work together with such qualified, dedicated and hard working colleagues. I believe our lab motto Innovation - Quality - Reliability describes perfectly the skill, the work ethic and the dedication that we enjoy here everyday. I would like to thank each and every one of my colleagues for making this experience possible.

The task ahead of us is great but we are up to the challenge.

Devrim Y. AKSIN

Assistant Professor

Director of ITU VLSI LABs

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