Industry Relations

ITU VLSI Laboratories have a wealth of information about integrated circuit (IC) and System On Chip (SOC) design, fabrication and production for a wide range of applications, from unit cost sensitive consumer electronic parts where each cent counts, to robust military electronic parts where performance and reliability are the main concern.

Throughout their academic and professional careers, our faculty members and researchers have designed, contributed and taped out several consumer electronics or military spec'ed ICs and SOCs for applications ranging from automotive to military communication for Turkish companies (Aselsan, Netaş, Alcatel, Siemens) as well as international companies (i.e. Sony, Samsung, HP, Delphi, Crown Audio, Motorola).

We believe healthy university-industry relations should be built upon a mutually beneficial program. Hence, we are open to a relationship/collaboration model supporting this mutually beneficial relationship. To this end, we seek to establish strategic partnership with electronics and CAD software industry to create an environment within which both party can benefit

How We Can Help

ITU VLSI LABs can help you gain a competitive advantage within your market by providing:


We can assist your projects from datasheet developement to production, int he form of design reviews, design debug sessions and patent litigation cases.

Short Courses

We can organize short courses in cooperation with you. It is custom-tailored to your projects' needs and the main focus is to train your junior work force on specific design issues that they will face throughout the developement of your projects. Short courses cover problem solving techniques, architecture/component selections, performance issues, cost issues, simulation issues and test issues.

Project Partnership

We can work on your projects in a MSc or PhD dissertation setup to provide answers to your long term needs. This kind of a partnership will also help you to establish a strong relationship with our skilled faculty, researchers and students.

High Performance Block Level Design

We can develop high performance subblocks for your projects.

How You Can Help

ITU VLSI Laboratories are open to hear any creative cooperation solutions and suggestions, here are a few ideas about how you can help us:

  • Establish an EE Distinguished Lecturer Grant Program.
  • Establish an EE Distinguished Researcher Grant Program.
  • Establish a PhD - MSc Grant Program.
  • Proactively support organized workshops by participating, tailoring the program and helping to invite Lecturers.
  • Support our infrastructure improvements with donations (monatery or equipment).
  • Proactively participate for the improvement of our Curriculum.

Our Expertise and Credentials

Our research interests encompass a broad range of RF/Analog/Digital/Mixed-Mode IC design. ITU VLSI LABs faculty members and researchers have hands-on experience with

  • RF Sub Block Design (LNA, Mixer, VCO, PLL, Frequency Synthesizer)
  • Data Converter Design (Flash, SAR, Pipeline, Delta-Sigma, Current Steering, R2R)
  • Power Management Design (LDO, Buck-Boost Converters)
  • Audio Power Design (Class D)
  • Instrumentation Design (Zero Offset Amp)
  • Base Band Signal Processing Design (Modem)
  • Digital System Design (Stratum II Time Reference)
  • Sensor Interface Design (ADC for CCD, CMOS image sensors)